Data Protection

Our Privacy Notice sets out the data we collect about you, how we collect your personal data, the purposes for which we use your data, details of organisations to whom we may send your data, how we keep your data safe, what you can do with your data and how you can exercise your privacy rights. It also provides details of our Data Protection Officer who is responsible for overseeing questions relating to the Privacy Notice.

Any questions, comments or complaints about the contents of this webpage should be sent in writing to:

Julie Wood, Solicitor and Data Protection Officer

Lake District National Park Authority

Murley Moss

Oxenholme Road

Kendal LA9 7RL

Tel: 01539 792665


What are the social media posts on the Your Story home page?

We are using content curation software to pull social media posts through to the Your Story newsfeed on the home page. We follow a range of publicly available accounts and hashtag subjects, such as #lakesworldheritage, from open social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This content is then curated, or ‘moderated’, by the Lake District World Heritage communications team, on a regular basis according to relevance and interest.
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I’d prefer to keep my posts private, please can you remove them?

We value all the social media posts that help us promote the Lake District and its special qualities as part of the World Heritage bid. Your recognition and reward will come from helping the campaign’s success and potentially gaining new friends and followers who share the same interests as you.

Read more here about how we manage your data on the Lake District National Park information and data section of our website