I’m Jo Evans and my family relocated to Windermere just over 5 years ago. We wanted somewhere we could give our children a childhood full of fresh air, splashing, scrambling and ‘bikerling’ as our youngest puts it!

Here we get chance to go out together and switch off from the world. We have a campervan and we don’t need to travel far to feel like we’ve got away from it all. Whether it’s a walk, bike ride, canoe or just a play on the fells behind our house, being together as a family and exploring the Lake District and its incredible landscape is a real tonic for the soul.

Living in Cumbria inspires both my work and recreation. I feel passionately about the value nature has in our well-being which is reflected in my use of natural botanicals and oils in the bath and body products my company Bespoke Aroma develops. I also feel inspired to get out into the environment with my family so that my children learn that there is a tangible world past the computer or TV screen.

I am at my happiest when I can hear my children laughing, hear nature at work, feel the wind on my face and see the amazing beauty of my surroundings.

One particular favourite is anywhere I can see the silhouette of Crinkle Crags and the Langdale Pikes, it takes my breath away every time.

Living in Windermere one of the first places I take any visitor is for a romp up Brantfell. The view from the top of the Lake and surrounding fells never fails to amaze. I always yearn for the feeling of calm majesty created by the imposing fells overlooking lakes, tarns and villages

Conservation here for me is the need to nurture and protect the landscape and wildlife, ensuring any development is mindful and sensitive to these.

Now the Lake District has World Heritage Status, this could attract further funding opportunities and increased revenue for businesses, which would help to boost the economy.

World Heritage Status will allow the Lake District to be seen as an area of significant historical and cultural importance as well as one of outstanding and dramatic beauty.

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Jo lives in Windermere and runs her own company, Bespoke Aroma which uses natural botanicals, inspired by the Lake District in its products.