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Making the most of World Heritage on your doorstep

29 August 2019

In early 2015, the directors of Another Place Hotels were out scouting for a location to start their new business. As they wound their way down the driveway towards Ullswater lake and what was then Rampsbeck Hotel, they knew that they had found what they were looking for; a hotel that was rooted in sense of place. A destination hotel that could incorporate the lake and surrounding fells in to a narrative that would encourage guests to visit for the first time, then come back over and over again, discovering more each visit.

Fast forward to 2019 and that 20-bedroom hotel is now a 40-bedroom hotel, renamed Another Place, The Lake and welcomes thousands of visitors to the shores of Ullswater every year. As part of the brand experience, it has been paramount to the hotel that all staff members have a comprehensive understanding of the local area, so that, when the moment is right, they can offer up places to visit and things to do to enhance our guest experience. A phrase we use all the time is; get out there, relax back here. We actively seek out interesting places to concierge a stay in the Lakes through our lens.
As part of staff induction, we look to send our staff out to locations and attractions, to experience them first-hand. After a chance meeting, we invited a representative in from English Lakes World Heritage Site to speak to our managers, then our front desk team and finally to our content writer. Each team member needed a different level of knowledge.

For our team members here at the hotel who aren’t front-facing, we offer a lighter touch – with a staff-room blackboard with interesting facts. Our front desk team need a broad-brushstroke of the World Heritage journey, coupled with interesting places to point out to guests and our content writer had an in-depth three-hour hike through the fells and through history, from Neolithic man to the always-on Instagram generation.

We are currently weaving the Ullswater valley cultural heritage through our own story, creating moments to tell the story to our audience that are engaging and relevant, from a blog post to sign-posting interesting places to visit from front desk. We do this as we want to give people reasons to visit, and to keep them coming back.

It is a really big job, integrating World Heritage into our business story as there is so much to say, then finding the right moment and the method to give the land around us interest and context to our guests, but that simply means we will be able to give our audience new reasons to keep coming back for years to come.

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