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Countrystride - hearing all about the Cultural Landscape

08 April 2019

Countrystride is a self-funded collaborative podcast initiative produced by David Felton of Inspired by Lakeland and presented by Mark Richards, an author/artist who brings his farming roots and boots to the venture. By pooling our communicative skills we aim to build symbiotic relationships, economically sustainable partnerships and broadcast the very essence of Cumbria and its wider regional setting.

Countrystride’s underlying raison d’etre is to explore and reveal the greater landscapes of the Lake District and Cumbria through those that live and work here. Individuals and organisations for whom the area has unique or special meaning and frequently unusual and seldom-shared knowledge. Not unsurprisingly the most conducive setting to elicit the richest conversations is within the context of a relaxed country walk in the area under discussion. In the process gaining an immersive engagement with specific places – rejoicing in the cultural diversity, heritage and natural environment, summed up in UNESCO’s phrase “Outstanding Universal Value”.

These are early days for Countrystride with just over a dozen recordings posted on our website, but already we have been able to delve into a rich vein of interest. Listening to and talking with those who know and love the region, bringing their unique perspectives to an appreciative British and global audience.

We both have deep affinity with the area born from early family holidays, a common characteristic of people who develop a life-long attachment to this glorious corner of our green and pleasant land. Our ambitions for Countrystride also reflect a bond and natural harmony with World Heritage values and down the line we see opportunities to nurture and broaden our creative engagement from which may flow positive economic rewards. As we judge other businesses, that also value the distinctive qualities of the Lake District and wish them to endure, can find strength through a comparable enthusiastic commitment.




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