"This is such an amazing place to be, with superb access to outdoor activities and experiences.

I love living and working here - you can still find places that are tranquil and unspoilt, in spite of some areas which are busier.

The beauty and variety of the scenery is immense: there is a challenge around managing the number of visitors who flock here - especially the number of cars - the small roads were not built for the traffic. There’s also the ongoing challenge in maintaining the roads and footpaths with limited resources.

The community feels friendly and ‘traditional’ – a tight-knit spirit where people know each other and care about each other too.

It's an ageing population, and we are working together to attract more young people to stay as well as visit – it’s a wonderful place to bring up a young family.

Tourism is important to the area and its survival. People come for the beauty of the place, the outdoor activities and nature. There’s an intimate relationship between people and place. People make a lifestyle choice if they live here and want it to be a slower pace of life than in a city – that’s all part of the attraction."

Eric Barker, Lake District resident

Lake District Case Study