"I was born and bred in Cumbria – I love the community here – a feeling of home.

I’m passionate about the indigenous Herdwick sheep and the farmers who care for them. We’ve 150 Herdwick farms registered with us and I like to think of my part of the Lake District as a big family of shepherds, we’re all hefted here – like the Herdwicks. 

Being a vet and surrounded by animals is perfect and relationships are strong here – people care. We’re pretty remote and the weather is amazingly unpredictable – but that’s all part of the attraction for me.

Farming remains crucial and Herdwick sheep sum up the community spirit of the Lake District.

The culture here is special: Cumbrian agricultural shows grew up around shepherd’s meets with entertainment to keep the village amused – Cumberland wrestling, hound trials, terrier racing, fell running, best beard and best boots contests, cake baking! They all thrive today. Each village has a unique identity, with a network of schools, shops, pubs and farms in the most stunning setting.

Farming remains crucial to this, and the Herdwick sheep absolutely sum up the community spirit of the Lake District – adapting to its environment, wise, sturdy and of strong genes. Farmers are committed. It’s because of the farmers that the Lake District is what it is today."

Amanda Carson, Lake District business owner

Lake District Case Study