Lake District UNESCO bid

We believe the Lake District deserves worldwide recognition. That's why in 2017 we will bid for World Heritage Site status, placing the Lake District alongside the Taj Mahal, the Tower of London and the Great Barrier Reef. Join us on our journey.
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How would World Heritage benefit us?


  • Our vital farming community will enjoy increased recognition of the cultural role of farming and its integral role with the landscape.
  • Our government has pledged to provide resources to protect its World Heritage Sites. Having this status could attract more funding and investment into the Lake District - and we'll be heard.
  • We’ve worked out that just a one per cent switch to cultural visitors who spend more on accommodation, leisure and food and drink could boost our economy by about £20m per year.
  • The profile of the Lake District will be elevated internationally. Even more than it is right now.
  • We develop as an international brand on the 'A-list' of places to visit.
  • The sense of achievement would go sky-high. We’ll be bursting with pride.


Who is behind the English Lakes World Heritage bid?


We couldn't do this alone. The bid is being delivered by the Lake District National Park Partnership on behalf of a group of organisations. The bid will go to the UK government who will review and in turn submit to UNESCO.


Lake District World Heritage Bid Nomination Document


You can now view the full Nomination Document on the Lake District National Park website


Back the bid...


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A view from the locals

"We're already proud of living here. We'd be proud as punch to be living, growing up and working in a landscape that was recognised the world over as a national treasure."

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What do our visitors think?

"We find our little piece of heaven in the Lakes: something different every season and every visit. It would be the icing on the cake if it became a World Heritage site."

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Running a business here

"We respect the landscape that our businesses are fortunate to sit in. A 'badge of distinction' would strengthen that - we'll continue as guardians and ambassadors of the park, learning to cherish without smothering."